Hayai Mobile Max

Wi-Fi calling: Connect to any Wi-Fi connection like it's a mobile tower and make unlimited calls and texts while on that connection at no additional cost.

Stateside International Talk: Get unlimited mobile-to-landline calling from the US to 70+ countries. Plus, get a low mobile rate of $0.20/minute to 100+ countries. And, for $5 more/month, get unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling to 30+ countries.

  • $10/month
  • $15/month – add unlimited mobile-to mobile calling in 30+ countries

Visual Voicemail & Voicemail to Text: Stop listening to lengthy voicemails. View all your voicemails as text, via SMS (text message) or to your email inbox. Plus, play and replay messages in any order; save voice messages to your phone; choose how you want to respond to messages; share special audio messages via e-mail and create personalized greetings.

Visual Voicemail: No additional charge

4G LTE Hotspot: With this device alternative to our virtual Smartphone Mobile Hotspot,  connect to the Internet from virtually anywhere on Hayai Mobile’s network at up to 4G LTE speeds. Complete with SIM, it’s a great way to connect without sharing your phone’s high-speed data.

Rollover Data: Don’t lose what you don’t use. When you get a plan with 6GB or more of 4G LTE data, your unused data—up to 20GB—rolls forward in the next month.

*Listed features and unlimited music and video streaming not available for Hayai Mobile plans or 2GB Mobile Max plan.

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Family Plans/Pooled Data

Custom Plans

Parental Controls

Time Restrictions

*Some features may be optional add-ons

Coming Soon

Unlimited International Talk to Landlines and Mobiles in a variety of countries