Small business with less than 25 employees?

Manage company-issued phones with a single account for an additional $20 per line per month. Includes device security, location, usage monitoring, speed/data, firewall & content filtering.

More than 25 employees?

Whether you need 30 lines or 3,000, get in touch for your customized business solution!

Technical Specifications

Standard Plan Features

No contract, Unlimited data (at reduced speeds if you use all of your high-speed data allotment) available (+$10/month)

Maximum Speed

10Mbit/s (3G) or 100Mbit/s (LTE)

Expected Speed

Nationwide average 19mbit/s based on Ookla Speed Tests (as of EOY2016). Actual speeds may vary according to location, indoors/outdoors, velocity, signal strength, localized events & your device.


GSM 3G/4G LTE Network


Nationwide - 3G (UMTS/HSPA+) on 850/1900MHz; LTE primarily on bands 2 & 4 with additional coverage on bands 5 & 17


Bring your own device. Services are usually activated within 30 minutes (8am-8pm ET). Contact us for more information).


"Month" is defined as 30 Days.

Billing Terms

Prepaid - default billing cycle is pro-rated to the 1st day of the month with subsequent invoices posted on the 1st day of the month, due by the 10th. First invoice includes any one-time fees, pro-rated partial month plus following month of service. Billing cycle can be optionally modified to a 30 day cycle based on the date of activation. $5 per line may be assessed for missed/late payments, other fees may apply for returned payments.

One-time activation fee
(including SIM card & shipping)

New number: $9.95 per line (when activating 4 or more lines simultaneously), Porting a number: $39.95 (when activating 4 or more lines simultaneously).

Overages/Tethering & Fair Usage Policy

Speed reduced to 2G after quota is exhausted.

Contract Terms & Early Termination Fee

Month to Month contract with minimum 14 days notice required to terminate. No refunds if account or line is terminated or ported during the bill cycle.

Unlike our competitors, Hayai doesn't hide behind promotional deals that are only good for a few months before you're locked in to a long-term contract paying twice what you signed up for, and all taxes and fees are averaged out across the nation and included in all of Hayai's advertised prices - so even though we itemize everything on your bill, there's no surprises about what you'll be paying. Simple for you, simple for us.