Attract more traffic and add a new source of recurring revenue with your existing customer base: join Hayai's reseller programme!

  • Choose which services you want to sell - whether you want to sell wired, wireless, IPTV or a combination of multiple services, Hayai has a programme to fit dealers of all types & sizes.
  • Make money on each new activation plus a recurring percentage of the subscriber's plan for the life of the account. 
  • Multiple, flexible payment & revenue sharing options available depending on your business - you can decide whether you handle the payments from your customers and pay a wholesale rate for services, or whether Hayai handles billing & pays you at the end of each week.
    • Affiliates: Hayai handles your subscribers for you, including billing (& pricing of services) & technical support - you are paid for all accounts activated & paid for at the end of each week.
    • Basic Wired Resellers: You'll get a basic page on our website with links to place orders for your plans - use these links in-store or on your own website to submit service orders (either directly or via our API).
    • Basic Wireless Resellers: Access to our wireless subscriber management portal.

    Resellers with over 100 active lines are eligible for a FREE broadband account or a smartphone & monthly plan.

    • Wired Dealers & Franchisees: You'll get your own dedicated e-commerce site for sales & subscriber management, complete with recurring billing, 1-click order processing & submission.
    • Wireless Dealers & Franchisees: get a white-labeled portal & cart (custom-designed portals also available).

    Hayai's Dealer programmes are also open to international entities!

Available plans may vary by ZIP code