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GTEN Outdoor Antenna

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Especially Designed for GTEN® Modem products.
• mmWave 5G capable to improve Ultra band connectivity.
• 18 dbi High Gain Directional Flat Panel Antenna
• Works with all carriers and is designed around the North American spectrum map.
• No need for two antennas to achieve MIMO standards, Antenna has MIMO standard.
• Standard F Type ports for easy hook up and cable acquisition.
• Able to be used with 75 Ohm Quad Shield coaxial cables with minimal loss.
• Rugged weatherized housing to improve life internal components.
• No power cord necessary.
• Comes with wide angle U-Bolts for easy mounting on almost any pole.
• Heavy duty Black PVC randome to avoid discoloring.
• Works with all 5G and LTE Band combinations and options.
• Configured to work indoors or outdoors.
• Discreet design and easy to blend in with environment.
• With GTEN® Model 6/7, Two antennas are recommended for best 5G gains.
• Global carrier support.

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GTEN Outdoor Antenna